About Us

Personal Space Living is a brand dedicated to personal lifestyle design & development through the lens of three main aspects; mind, body, and home. We believe that these are the three places of our existence that are key to healthy individual growth. Our goal is to help our community achieve that growth while providing the tools to develop a beautiful home environment for them to thrive.


At Personal Space Living we believe that a happy mind lives in a happy body and a happy body lives in a happy home; despite external circumstances.

No matter how big or small, everyone deserves their Personal Space.

Sustainable Mission

In creating this brand it was important to the PSL team to ensure that the business had a minimal negative impact on the planet. We believe that businesses should be get created from the mindset of planet and people first

We considered all the aspects of the business from a  sustainable lens, from sourcing materials to labour to shipping, we have even considered the life of the products after they have been sent to the customer .

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Meet Vanessa!

Hey, My Name is Vanessa! Founder of Personal Space Living. I am a trained interior designer with a passion for sustainability and teaching people how they can implement it on a personal level. Those two passions are what really drove me to develop PSL.


I don't believe that sustainability is something that needs to be done perfectly at all times by a few people but instead something that needs to be done imperfectly by everyone.


I designed the PSL platform to show people that sustainability doesn't mean you have to compromise design or function but instead just a way to thoughtfully consider where things are coming from (how things are getting made) and where they are going (if things can have a second life or just end up in landfills)