Our Sustainability Policy

All of our products start with pieces that have already been produced, consumed, discarded or about to be discarded. When viewing the manufacturing process of most companies that produce products; the lifecycle usually goes as follows: product gets made from raw material, bought and used by consumers then thrown out eventually ending up in landfills. The PSL Team saw it fit to tackle the issue from both ends to close the loop of the current linear economy.

We here as PSL catch products at their end of life, whether being thrown out on the side of the street, being sold at garage sales or mounting up on shelves in local thrift shops. We evaluate the integrity of the product to see if it is then suitable for repurposing, take them into our workshop and brainstorm ways in which it can be given a new life based on professional knowledge of interior design and lifestyle trends.

In short, we strive to provide our customers with products that are beautiful and of high quality without depleting the world of any natural resources while reducing the number of pieces that get sent to garbage heaps.


It is important for us to inform you, our customer of how we carry forth our sustainability practices over into our shipping of your product for you to then decide if this process is something that complies with your sustainability journey. 

Below is a list of all items involved in shippings products out safely and efficiently to our customers. Please note, currently, our shipping process is not 100% reuse/recycle friendly but you can be guaranteed that our team is working diligently to improve upon this

packaging transparency.png